This Is A Story Of A Reluctant Trader Who Was Once Threatened By Technology!

This Is A Story Of A Reluctant Trader Who Was Once Threatened By Technology!


Duh! I cannot believe that I was scared of getting online once!

Okay, I agree I was a bit of a paranoid. But everyone from my generation is. Maybe I was a little overboard. In my defense, I would like to say that I had heard ugly stories of technology going wrong for people.

In their enthusiasm, people gave away a lot of vital information and that caused them a lot of loss and misery. So, I was not really up for technology and its tools till recently. I still have my reservation but I am better off than a year ago, I think!

My first brush with technology happened when my closest buddy started trading online!

Yes, I would see him sitting faced up on his palms after he was back from work. I mean there was nothing else that I could do than keep looking at him while he chuckled to himself when he won and turned grim when he lost. I was lost too!

Adams taught me how to trade and also helped me open my open trading account on software called the Bitcoin Trader. As the name suggests, the trading platform was for cryptocurrency mining and for the love of the Almighty, I had no idea what they meant!!

Adams was a patient teacher and he explained to me in great detail what cryptocurrencies were, their history and how they are mined by thousands of altcoin traders globally to get a massive amount of profits in their accounts.

It was interesting but I wanted to try my hand at it first!

This posed no big problem!!

Bitcoin Trader has a unique demo account on its platform which is valid for thirty days. A prospective trader can try trading on this practice account with fake currency. It is a great way to master the trade. Thirty days of trading dedicating roughly one more every day was enough for me to get the hang of it!

Today, if you will see me, you wouldn’t believe that there was a pro in me!

I am a confident trader today, thanks to Adams, and a successful one thanks mostly to this fantastic software. I have also done a detailed review of my trading on the software complete with screenshots of my trades. You can even access that on my personal blog the link of which is given at the bottom of this page. This post is for my media handles; kindly copy-paste the given permalink at the bottom of this page to navigate to my blog.