DeltaBid Embodies Estonia Startup Culture

DeltaBid startup Estonia naysers success private sector funding startupsBuying goods and services for corporations should be modernized. But despite being a multi-billion dollar sector, the procurement industry is woefully outmoded. DeltaBid founders Erkki Brakmann, Rain Öpik, Andres Kuuse and Jan Dimitrov have set their sights on revolutionizing this most critical of supply chain functions. Graduates of Estonia’s flagship incubator Startup Wise Guys, DeltaBid have already received healthy startup and innovation grants […]


Estonia is a well known source for start-ups. It is more known for its tech Alumni that includes Skype, Pipedrive, Click & Grow, etc. This being one of the most transparent countries in the CEE region, is one of the least corrupted country too. It is also well known for its economic freedom which is one of the highest in the world.

This country also has a nick name – E-stonia. The reason for such a nickname is that this country is electronically so advanced that one can vote or sign documents from their house. It can all be done digitally without any glitches.

The government has also decided to approve the electronic declaration of officials’ financial interests, in order to increase the transparency and reduce the corruption in the country.

Another reason for such advancement towards the digital side is the president. He is in full support of the e-solutions’ development as he believes technology is the future and wants his country to be futuristic. He also encourages the kids of his country to study and learn programming at a very early age, so that they can master it before they are grown and be advanced when compared to kids from other areas.

Why Digital Advancement

For those who are wondering why one needs to be digitally advanced and equipped, here are a few reasons:

  • The technology is growing by the day and everything is getting digitalized. Things are shifting from paper to digital copies. Hence, one needs to be well versed in such programs to handle the new technologies that will be developed in the future.
  • When everything is digitalized, there is very little room for damage or loss of data. This is true when it comes to record keeping. When documents are signed digitally, the records are stored forever and one can get a copy of the same at anytime, by just tapping few keys. There is no need to go through dust and termites to access old files
  • People find it easier to access and store data as it can be done from their living room. One need not travel anywhere and this is very convenient for old people who cannot travel too much

With the kids learning and being well versed in such technology at an early age, the possibilities of new ideas coming up is very high, thus leading to digital development of the country at a faster rate. It is with such advancement and accepting attitude that software like Fincrowd App have been able to enter the trading world where physical trading was the norm.