Tesla Motors Receives Encore Award

The ENCORE award created in late 1970s is an award to recognize entrepreneurial spirits of the companies that were part of the Silicon Valley. The first company to receive this award was ROLM Corporation in the year 1977.

Though it was first intended to be given to an individual, honoring his or her contribution to the company, the committee realized the success of a company cannot be measure by the performance of an individual and a number of employees were behind the success stories. Hence in order to honor everyone’s efforts, the award was given to the company. Now the scope has been widened further to recognize entrepreneurs all over the world and not just the Silicon Valley.

The Award Goes To

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla motors and SpaceX – which launched a spacecraft in 2012, received the ENCORE award this year. Musk sold his startup company when he was in late 20s and this sale made him a millionaire. Then he went on to be the founder of X.com in 1999, SpaceX in 2002 and Tesla Motors in 2003.

Born and brought up in South Africa, this introverted kid had a keen interest in computers which made him learn programming at a very young age. With a number of degrees to his portfolio, this entrepreneur was part of Stanford University for two days before he called it quits.

He was a shrewd investor who had stock options spread throughout, which he sold from time to time and made the money he required for funding another venture of his. He founded Tesla motors with an aim to provide cars at an affordable price for the mass market.

Technology Advancement

The reason for such entrepreneurs to come up so early in life is not only their skills and talents but the market as well. With the internet boom, people were more open to accepting the internet and the way it operated. They were open to the idea of machines and softwares replacing humans and everything getting automated.

It is such acceptance that led to the innovation of many software like Millionaire Blueprint which automated the entire trading process and removed the need for physical investors. With everything automated, one need not know about or follow the stock market closely. The software will read the charts, analyze the numbers and make the investment moves on the investors’ behalf. This makes things easier, faster and reduces room for human error.