Understand The Various Types Of Spread And The Best Momentum Indicator To Take A Trade

Understand The Various Types Of Spread And The Best Momentum Indicator To Take A Trade

The spread strategies are broad of two types. These are the intra-market spreads and the inter-market spreads.

  • Intra-market spread – This is where the futures trader enters into two separate futures contracts of the same asset. So for example, the trader will buy a May wheat contract and sell a June wheat contract simultaneously. This is a strategy that is taken when the traders feel that the wheat prices will rise in the short term but then will start to fall in price after the correction and once it starts to follow the long term trend,
  • Inter-market spread – This is when the futures trader enters into two futures contacts into two different markets. Here the trader says will sell the futures contract on one exchange and at the same time buy the futures contract on another exchange. The trade will either end in a profit or a loss based on the relative difference that rises between the two instruments.

The advantage of trading using the spread strategy

There are some advantages when trading using the spread strategy. When you trade in the futures spread then it helps to even out the volatility that is experienced when the trader takes just a single futures trade at a time. This makes the trade highly vulnerable to the price swings.

The market moves in setting trends and this approach will let you capitalize on the broad momentum of the market.

The risk to reward ratio is also improved when you trade using the spread strategy. The chances of the market reversing unexpectedly are bleak.

Choosing a momentum indicator to trade in the futures market

You may also want to use the momentum indicators to time your trades in the market. These technical tools can be used even when you trade the futures spread strategy. However, the problem is that there are many momentum indicators to choose from and this can get you confused about which one to use.

The answer to this is that there is no one best momentum indicator. You need to choose one that closely matches your style of trading. The stochastic is useful when taking a large number of trades and the ROC is better for fewer signals but better accuracy.

These indicators let you gauge what the momentum of the trade is in the broad market. It also betters your risk to reward ratio.

It is important to base your trades on a strategy, using the technical tools as well by keeping a close watch on the current news that could affect your trade.

Characteristics Of A Successful Business

Introduction:  Each and every successful business has to be grown from a startup. Even the good and greatest business ideas can struggle to succeed in the market sometimes. Here are some of the greatest ideas to help you into successful entrepreneurs. To know more read this crypto code scam.

Planning:  Planning is the primary step to start the business. It’s important to have a detailed business plan, marketing assumptions, operation, financial and staffing plan gives you basic guidelines. For a long-term business, minimum12months plan is needed, it helps you to identify what you want to accomplish.

Create goals: The Business plan has two types of goal plans, long-term and short-term goals. The long-term goal is planning for a 12month or whole year. Short term goal plan which is measurable, identifying the company needs for a week, month or next quarter to meet their annual goals.

Identify customer needs: One of the important characteristics of business is knowing the customer needs. By communicating with your customer helps you to identify their needs and to know why or why not they are buying from a certain entrepreneur. This information will help you to provide them with that product or service which will help you to succeed.

Budgeting: Running a business is a different task and many small businesses will struggle at the starting year because of unexpected expenses. The budget plan helps you to focus on cash flow and breaking time. Apply for a bank loan or get money from the lender if need any financial support.

Marketing: You must be passionate about your business. Never give up in any situation. A good marketing plan will make you succeed in business. Advertising plays a major role in marketing. Some of the marketing ideas are pay per click, indoor or open-door method, postures, social media, newsletter, it is used to attract more customers.

Knowledge: Knowledge and development skills the best quality for an entrepreneur. Figure out the type of company, goal, number of employees, number of customers and check where and when you can start a business and attain successful business by expanding your knowledge and developmental skills.

Conclusion: You have been very clear in your business before you invest in it, Analyzing the plan for the market, sales, manufacturing, website design, will improve the chances for success in your business

Things to Keep in Crypto Currency Trading

The technology is growing fast, so keep up the pace with it, people are also well aware of online businesses and most of them prefer to invest in online services. Nowadays the cryptocurrencies have become more popular and it finds a place in the current economy. The cryptocurrencies are a new form of money which can be used to buy products and services. Now people are widely using cryptocurrencies because of their benefits over the traditional money in some areas such as safety, profit, accessibility. The regular crypto traders always search best options in cryptocurrencies online such as BitCoin, Dash, litecoin to make maximum profit. But sometimes online trading hides some counterfeits, like a crypto scam. So, always it involves attention and focuses to do the safe online trading.

Tips for the Successful Trading of Crypto Currency

  • To make awareness about cryptocurrency platform

The new entrant should understand the basics of cryptocurrency trading such as types of trading, candlestick chart, ledger book, spread chart and also should have an idea about cryptocurrency platform fees.

  • Always Start the Trade with A Goal

The cryptocurrency trading market is very large and driven by some big players. So before starting a crypto trading you should have a clear idea about the cryptocurrency trading market and should have a strategy and goal. This strategy always helps to avoid risk and achieve the goal.

  • Risk Management

Risk management is important for each trading. Every successful trader always brings satisfying and regular results which means that he understands the movements of cryptocurrencies value and doesn’t wait for peak movements of cryptocurrency before trading. One should go for the smaller results which will later get accumulated as a big profit. For that, every trader must analyze the market and learn things which helps to manage risks that happen while trading.

  • The Crypto Currency Platform is Reliable

A good platform helps to perform well and thereby bring a good result. So in case of a beginner in trading, he should need a very good platform to start trading. But now the cryptocurrency trading market is overloaded with a lot of trading systems and robots. The new entrant faces difficulties to find out the reliable and which robot is working well. Therefore, the trader should carefully examine each platform that he should consider for trading in order to avoid crypto code scam.

  • Distribution

In crypto trading, you should never invest your money in the same cryptocurrencies which means that investment of money should be in different cryptocurrencies will reduce the risks in trading.

Say No To Business Debts

Business, the dreamworld for many of us.

Everyone loves to start up a new own business and run it successfully without depending anyone for money.

Do you think is it possible?

Yes, obviously.

We can easily no to business debts by following some ways.

  1. Saving:

Saving is the best way to avoid going for debts either from banks or from lenders. Tee habit of saving should be cultivated within every one of us to have a better and peaceful future life.

Are we doing it properly?

Not at all. Many people would like to spend money on their likes and never want to save money tomorrow. It should be changed and we must try to put at least a single penny in our savings bank to make it grow bigger and bigger. The great businessmen should be capable to sacrifice something today to have a fruitful tomorrow.

  1. Budgeting:

Budgeting helps us to know how much money we have and where we are lagging behind and so that we can try our best to cut off the unnecessary spendings and start saving funds. Budgeting needs a lot and a lot of administration skills and that is why every business has an auditor to take care of all the business money dealings.

  1. Planning:

The traders should have the potential to plan everything which is going to happen in the future. Because in a business both profits and loss might occur and we do not even when the market price changes and so the businessmen should be preplanned and improve the ability to face both income and expenses. Many businessmen are losing their money without plan especially in online trading. There are many scams going on in the trading field like the Crypto Code Scam and we the traders should inquire about it, plan everything and deposit in funds.

  1. Productivity:

The landlords should try to increase the productivity and sales to dodge getting debts. The productivity and sales can be elevated only when the clients get raised. So, we ought to impress the customers by giving their excellent offers and discounts to have business dealings with us. The customers are the key factor for the enormous way of success and so it is the responsibility of the manufacturers to fascinate the clients to bring new more clients for the company for the sake of productivity increase.


Therefore concluding that going for debts is purely in the hands of the entrepreneurs and the way they run their business. If the company is not maintained properly and perfectly, then obviously there are many chances for such huge losses.

Educate Yourself Before Beginning To Trade

Educate Yourself Before Beginning To Trade

We all aim for betterment in life. This may be in various streams such as career, living, earning, happiness etc. Amongst all these aims, better earning is one of the foremost aims that we all think of. Channelizing our savings into proper investment is something one must be careful of. If your goal is to earn or gain more money, then investing in the stock market is the best option you could think for. People ignore investing in this market considering the risk factor. It is true that this market is uncertain and there are some rough tides. However, once you understand the strategies of stock market then you are the winner.

Here are few points to consider before entering the house of stock market to enjoy your trading and investment.

  1. Due-diligence: The stock market isn’t something to be learned or understood in a day. There are various factors that rule the stock market. Trading without knowing the basics of the stock market could result in high loss/less return. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc., help us to gather millions of information about any subject that we are in need of. Start questioning yourself and try to understand the pre-requisites for trading in the stock market. Stocks are listed under exchanges established in the respective country for eg. In India, we have Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. Understanding the basic will give you a clear picture to trade efficiently and effectively in the stock market.
  2. Understand the Strategies: Try meeting professionals who carry on trade on a day-to-day basis. Action always speaks better than words. You will understand better when you do some practical work or visit someone doing it. This will help you to face the pros and cons and prepare you to handle the situations. Learn the basic terminology of trading such as bid, sell, put, call, beta etc. Even though there are brokers who could help and work for you, it is always better to get educated and understand the strategies of the stock market.
  3. Explore opportunities: By now, you would know the basics of stock market. As you are aware, there are various types of investments depending upon risk and return. Analyse the options available and diversify your portfolio by investing in different options available instead of relying on one investment. Recently, many people are investing in cryptocurrency market considering the return. More than 20 million traders are dealing in this market. Click here to know more about investing your money in cryptocurrency market.

Trading always travels with emotions which may be positive or negative. One has to educate oneself on the basic working of stock markets including the market trends before entering the ocean of stock market.



Wake up women and start investing

If you didn’t know this then it is time to wake up – on average women in America earn only 0.81 cents for every dollar a man earns. Compound that over your entire working career and you are looking at several hundred thousands of lost pay.

It is time women took the matter into their own hands and started looking for opportunities where the employers do not discriminate between the gender and pay according to the expertise and hard work.

While it might not be as easy to change a job or get the right opportunity you still have potential to change your future if you invest right. Thankfully, their is an equal number of choices for both the genders to invest profitably.

Some of the more popular choices are automated trading systems like the QProfit System which gives you an entry into the trading market and even with minimal or no knowledge you can hope to make some profit. The other popular options are mutual funds and real estate.

Tips to successful investments

Here are a few tips on how you can improve your finances with better investments.

  1. Identify your goals and the time frame you set aside to achieve them. Once this is established you can choose the right investment strategy. Remember your goals will be different from your neighbors and friends and hence what worked for them will not work for you.
  2. Save minimum 15% of your income for retirement; this is a greater need than probably buying a home. While you might still be young and retirement long way off, it is important that you prioritize your goals and save for long term.
  3. Women by nature are not risk takers, hence they tend to be more conservative with their investment plans. You can be safe and yet look at better prospects by having a diversified portfolio which will spread your money across several individual stocks thereby mitigating your risk while not reducing the chances of greater returns.
  4. Investments are not a one-time thing; they need to be periodically taken stock of. You must check your account status and know how your investment is doing and tweak it, if you must, to meet the changing ups and downs in the market. Be ready to change your allocations to keep up with the inflation and changing stock rates.

While you must not stop fighting for equal pay for both genders you can simultaneously secure your future with the right investments, after all, your finances are in your hands.



Starting a business is always exciting and challenging. One from the outside only sees the idea, criticizes it for the way it is being carried out and point out where all the entrepreneur has gone wrong. Very few people sit back and absorb what is happening and appreciate the efforts that has been put in or even give helpful suggesting along with the criticisms.

As a person fresh from college or after quitting a well paying job, one is under tremendous pressure to not only earn good money but will also have financial commitments to keep up and other financial responsibilities, which make it a must for them to earn well.

It is easy to sit back and tell someone to start a business, just because there is a future in it or they are good in that field. Here are some of the difficulties faced by startup companies and their owners:


It is anyone’s guess that starting a business and running it requires funds. When you are a startup, the funds required will me much more than what is required by an established business. This is because, everything is new and everything has to be acquired. One cannot enjoy the regular customer discounts and the like, that are specifically reserved for existing companies that have a good rapport with the supplier.

Also, since one is inexperienced, expenses will definitely be more than what was accounted for, as most of the time one expenditure will lead to the other and there is hardly a way to avoid it.


No matter how unique the product or service is, there will be competition. If it is similar to something already existing in the market, one will have to create a name for themselves and get recognized enough for people to give them a fair chance.

If it is a totally new product or service like the online trading platform The Brit Method, people will have to be convinced that it is legitimate and they can trust their money with this product. To change people from their old habits is quite complicated.


When you run a business, be it small or big, you will need employees. These employees can make or break your business, hence it is important to ensure they are good, capable and trust worthy. Selecting the right employee is very important and requires a lot of time and effort

Decision Making

Whether you are alone or have a partner, the decision making can be quite complicated.

For those on their own, they would be skeptical about their own decision and for those who have a partner, will have to brainstorm and convince one another for any decision to be taken.

Re-engineering journalism

That is the response of many when I say I’m pursuing a graduate degree and career in journalism. With local newspapers closing every day, more and more people absorbing news through Twitter and Facebook and a drought in the hiring of journalists of color, they may be right—or so they think.

The need for real paper and news in print is lost on today’s generation. Though some may argue that it is a way to reduce the consumption of paper and other resources, it is more to do with everything going online. even trading that had people sit before their systems for hours, has them use software like Millionaire Blueprint, which does all the trading for them automatically. All the charts are read, analyzed and decisions are taken by this software.

Yes, journalism is not what it used to be. But who said it had to? According to the 2014 John S. Knight Journalism Fellows, journalism can be whatever you want it to be.

On Monday night at Stanford, this was the underlying mission of the 20 fellows who presented their visions for what journalism is and will look like moving forward. They have spent the past year, while taking breaks from their professional jobs, developing concepts and prototypes that will push journalism forward.

Here is a list of the most interesting and promising presentations:

The Top Seven (in reverse order)

7. Sahar Speaks! – All too often, news is told about a particular group of people or issue, not by those experiencing it, but by onlookers. Amie Ferris-Rotman wants to change this, specifically for females in Afghanistan. Her hope is to empower them with training, mentoring and an international publishing platform so that their stories, from their unique perspective, are told.

6. OpenFilter – Social media and misinformation go hand-in-hand in this age, unfortunately. In an effort to filter through the foolishness, Martin Quiroga and his team have developed a solution inVenezuela Decoded, a website that helps people “decode” the uprisings in Venezuela by synthesizing content from credible sources on Twitter. Having received international praise for this venture, OpenFilter is Quiroga’s way of open-sourcing the filtering platform his team has created.

5. – According to Umbreen Bhatti, many journalists say they don’t cover legal stories because they’re too complicated and, except for at a courthouse, few can be found who want to cover such stories. In response, she has created a tool for television journalists that “does some of the work for them,” interviewing potential sources for a database-like platform that helps journalists cut through the barriers and tell stories regarding the legal system.

4. Code{actually} – Everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to President Barack Obama are on the coding and computer science train, and journalists are right behind them. The problem is, no one wants to meet us where we are—often a story-driven place, not a data-driven one. Cindy Royal knows our pain and has created a Code Academy for journalists, from a journalistic perspective.

3. The Dazzles – Every journalist wants a Pulitzer Prize. The problem, though, is that many people who get into journalism want to change the world and have an influence on people through their writing—and a Pulitzer is far from their mind. But each year, as the nominees and winners are announced, whichever pieces the proverbial “industry” deems the best receive the recognition—making a difference rarely plays a role in the criteria. The Dazzles are Shazna Nessa’s way of allowing readers to help decide what is good journalism. The goal is to allow journalists to know what resonates with our audiences so that we may better serve them.

2. The Earth Academy – “Not a leap, just a few steps away.” This is how Camille Seaman describes how we can curb climate change. Her project aims to become a hub for useful and empowering ideas for those who wish to make changes in their lives that are not difficult to adopt. An effort that also plans to create “hyperlocal villages of the future,” the plan is to “save ourselves and future generations yet unborn.”

1. hrdcvr – What can be more innovative than reimagining what print can look like—in print? “A new new, for the new everyone,” is how Danyel Smith describes her venture to create a concept magazine in the form of a book, “an extreme print experience.” A crowd-funded, one-time published product, she wants to “reject the niche” and “reject mainstream” because “it’s about the multi-stream.” Passion dripped from her eyes as she teared up at the notion that “everyone is equally interesting.” In my opinion, hrdcvr is poised to revolutionize what we have come to know as journalism and what we call print.

Honorable Mentions – These ideas didn’t make my top seven, but demonstrate the innovation needed to shake things up journalistically. – Pitched by Ana Maria Carrano, this is a platform that aims to allow journalists and citizens to record and share audio—“think document cloud for voices,” she said. After speaking with more than 50 journalists who said they transcribed up to 10 interviews a week (each one taking up to two hours), she wanted to capitalize on the pieces of the interviews that don’t make it to print. is set to be a solution for journalists looking for stories to tell. In Carrano’s words, “Your conversations deserve a place to be found.”

Emergency Publishing Toolkit – After his experience in Manhattan in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Andrew Losowsky wanted to know why little information was being passed around about what was going on or when the power would return. He set out to create a low-tech solution that would allow people to distribute news and information after city-rocking events such as natural disasters. The Emergency Publishing Toolkit was then born, a plastic bin filled with situation-specific approaches for spread information.

For information on the other presentations, visit the Knight Fellowship website.

This post was originally published on before it was acquired by The Stanford Daily in summer 2014.


Letter of Contempt

Mail in your door

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) addressed an open letter to the founders of news media startups today calling for diversity. The letter, also sent to NABJ members through email, reads in part:

“Many of us wondered aloud if this entrepreneurship might also include new and more effective approaches to achieving diversity and inclusion in newsroom staffing and news coverage. After all, these startups will exist primarily on digital platforms, where African Americans and Latinos are proportionately larger consumers of news than whites. But our excitement has turned to concern as the parade of recent hires hardly reflects a commitment to ensuring that these new newsrooms reflect all the communities they will cover.”

Media startups named in the letter include Vox Media, First Look Media, The Marshall Project and FiveThirtyEight, all of which have hired industry vets—a move the NABJ believes demonstrates that diversity may not be much of a priority. The letter continues:

“Old relationship networks have become a 21st century club that is predominantly male and almost exclusively white. This club is familiar with, and hires, its own. This has been the trend in legacy media. The same will happen in these new outlets if new relationships are not forged.”

Pulling in rapper Jay-Z’s “Public Service Announcement,” the NABJ wrote, “Allow us to reintroduce ourselves,” in an effort to forge an ongoing partnership by inviting such companies to the organization’s annual sumer NABJ Convention & Career Fair.

With the onslaught of new startups cropping up everywhere in the world, being funded by not just businessmen with sound decision making skills, but also by youngsters, celebrities, etc, the people are little concern about the outcomes.

What starts out today in such a high speed, soaring over the existing companies that were built over a period of time, can come down crashing without a warning. These companies can have a short growth stint and just vanish in thin air, leaving the investors and employees totally exposed.

Apart from the performance of such companies, what has caught the attention of the public and the media is the way they hire their employees. Gone are the days where there would be a proper interview and one had to go to extensive limits to crack it. Today, if a company is funded by a celebrity, everyone he knows or has come across in his life, stands a chance to get in.

So what happens to quality of the job done on the inside and the value of the money invested by the investors? One can never be too sure. While people are skeptical to invest in the stock market through software like Millionaire Blueprint, where everything is automated, people are ready to invest in ventures where the scope and aim are not clear and business practices are questionable.


Image courtesy of Bogdan Suditu. 

Ubiquitous Stanford Startups


While recent tech conversations have centered on social media startups like Snapchat and Whatsapp, some Stanford entrepreneurs are going in a different direction.

Hans Andersson recently wrote in The Dish Daily about how the Internet of things (IoT) space will achieve mass adoption by becoming inconspicuous, fashionable, and ubiquitous. I totally agree.

The internet has become The place for a person to be in. one needs to be online at all times to ensure they don’t miss out on things. If one is not found online for a few hours, they may miss a party invitation, a big sale or even a big opportunity to earn well. even trading which required a person to sit in front of the system and analyse charts for the entire day, to predict which way the market will go, has been replaced by online trading software like Millionaire Blueprint, where everything is automated.

I’ve also written about how the IoT is just an intermediate step before it becomes internet of people, as even  Mark Zuckerberg noted at recent Stanford talk, saying that one day we could have internet-enabled devices implanted in people.

The IoT is in many ways the gradual evolution of the miniaturization of technology. Part of the reason for the uptick of interest in the IoT is that smartphones and tablets have unleashed the creative energies of technologists who think they can now create a smart anything: locks, lights, cameras, cars, you name it. Another reason smartphones and tablets have helped propel the IoT space is because smartphones now enable anyone to connect to their smart devices through simple apps.

The IoT craze is impacting student entrepreneurs and startups at Stanford. For example, Switchmate is a startup at the Stanford venture studio that “manages your light switches from anywhere in the world. No technicians, no re-wiring, no screwdrivers.” The Switchmate team is composed of Robert Romano, Daniel Peng and Asish Dua.

Another venture studio startup is Echo Wearables, which founders Pierre-Jean Cobut and Elad Ferber describe as the “ultimate fitness tracker for the ultimate performance athlete.” The Echo Runner 510 will tell athletes inform athletes of their energy level to prevent from hitting the dreaded “wall,” how much rest and recovery they should take between workouts and  update their hydration level.

The IoT is not just a futurist vision held by hobbyists tinkering in their basements. Major companies have incorporated the IoT into their strategic vision: from GE’s Industrial Internet initiative, to IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative. Microsoft is the latest major tech company staking a claim on the future of the IoT, as it works on a HomeOS and Windows Embedded.

As one might expect, many of these companies have corporate venture wings that are investing heavily in this area. In fact, according to a recent SVB report, a third of investment in the IoT space has been from strategic investors like Intel, Qualcomm, Siemens, Cisco, and GE. These big players are heavily investing in the IoT space because it will enable them to establish a stronger relationship with their customers and better understand their needs, boost their brand awareness, increase energy efficiency, customize services and equipment, as well as upsell additional services.

Although the big players have signaled their interest in the IoT, the biggest explosion of the IoT activity has been through crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Some of the best-funded projects on these sites have been the IoT devices and they aren’t just limited to the pebble watch. You only have to look at projects like thermodo, tile app, Lockitron, plant link and the Scanadu Scout. Many of these crowdsourced projects have gone on to raise venture funding.

At Stanford, the IoT has made hardware sexier. And with the Product Realization Lab, Stanford students have the wherewithal to create the next generation of ubiquitous technology.

Featured image courtesy of Keoni Cabral via Flickr.