I am so glad that I documented my trading journey

I am so glad that I documented my trading journey


Ever since I have heard about online trading I have mixed feeling about it:

There have been times when I had nothing on me and my friends used to help me with small change. I used to wonder that if they do not work part-time and their finance back home is as good or should I say as bad as mine, how are they even able to save enough money to also have a surplus to aid someone.

Of course, this was never a guarded secret:

In the hostel in the university, every other student who could afford to have a personal smartphone or electronic device was trading in various derivatives. Some were handling stocks, some were keen on shares and some were into commodities like gold and silver.

A particular friend of mine was queerly making far more money than the others. On probing, he tells us that he is into cryptocurrencies or online currencies. These currencies do not have any form in the real world but they are very powerful in the virtual world.

So, it is a field with a lot of scopes:

Smith, my friend who was dealing in a cryptocurrency called the Ethereum was very confident that it would do very well. In a span of only six months, the cryptocurrency had a recorded growth of 300 times its original value. Smith thought that if the trend continues, there is so much scope that one can easily become a millionaire without having to do anything more than swiping their finger on the screen to trade it.

I was fascinated:

He introduced me to the trading world and also decided that I must document my trade journey in a blog. It was back then that I started with. Today, as I look back over the years and the journey of trading and trade blogging, I feel a deep sense of gratitude towards my friend.

I had started out on a program called Ethereum Code and fortunately for me, I am still on this very legit software because of its integrity and attitude for [putting their customer’s interests ahead of them!

Negative publicity galore:

A couple of weeks ago, I saw nasty reviews about this software. I know it is the work of someone who cannot see this portal’s integrity and is out to mud sling on its name. Any other person could have got provoked but I thought about the wonderful profits that I made over it over the years and smiled to myself. You can read and find out more about this fantabulous program from my blog the link for which is given at the bottom of the screen.