Cool Ingiegogo campaigns: Misfit Wearables’ Wireless Activity Tracker

The Shine aims to disrupt the market by offering a previously unheard of level of data capture and device integration.

Last month I covered the USC Body Computing Conference for The Dish Daily. The Body Computing Center, run by Dr. Leslie Saxon specializes in researching advancements in digital health solutions. This year’s conference focused on data gathering technology and one of the speakers was Sonny Vu, former head of iPhone medical device company Agamatrix.

The ufo-shaped Shine is completley wireless (Photo courtesy Misfit Wearables)

At the Conference, Sonny spoke about the rapidly growing sensor technology industry and the health benefits associated with the new tech. Just recently Sonny’s new company Misfit Wearables launched an indiegogo campaign for their latest product, the Misfit Shine.

Misfit Wearables aims to bring an innovative new take on fitness tracking devices to an already crowded field. Fitness tracking devices are not new technologies, having been around since early pedometers simply counted steps taken. However the Shine looks to disrupt the market by offering a previously unheard of level of data capture and device integration.

The Shine works off a proprietary sensor algorithm that goes beyond the traditional scope of fitness tracking devices. Shine’s technology enables the device to track running as well as cycling and swimming. Swimming you say? That’s right folks; the Shine is waterproof which opens up its technology to a host of activities. The robustness of the Shine points to application in numerous fields, for one we can expect this to be an indispensable tool for Ironman and Triathlon trainers.

Shine also has an edge in the way it delivers its data. Users can tap the product to get a quick readout on where they stand on their pre-selected activity goals of the day or they can download detailed data directly on to their iPhones. The iPhone process is nifty, all you have to do is place the device on the screen of your phone and the day’s information will magically download onto your device.

Just like magic! The Shine syncs by being placed on top of an iPhone screen (Photo courtesy Misfit Wearables)

As of this writing there are 29 days left in the indiegogo campaign. For just a $79 donation you receive a Shine, a clasp and a sports wristband which is a pretty sweet deal. I can’t wait to see how many miles I walk inside the hospital every day.

Misfit Wearables expects the Shine to ship in March of next year.

Check out this videon on the Shine:



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